EarQ's Audiology
Recruiting Program

If you’re looking to expand your practice, replace an audiologist staff member, or thinking of an exit strategy, then EarQ’s Audiology Recruiting Program is your answer!

By participating in this program, you can receive:

Job Placement:

Our team is working with audiology programs at colleges and universities nationwide to find graduates in your area who can meet your office’s demands and offer the support you need!

Simply let us know what skillsets and requirements you’re looking for, and we’ll work with our contacts to locate candidates near you.

Need assistance with your job listing? Use our sample listing as a guide!

Externship Placement:

When looking to complete their externship training, many audiology students are referred to clinics and hospitals. But by giving students the opportunity to complete their externship at your independent audiology practice, you can give them a multi-dimensional experience that can include:

Your role:

Exit Strategy Planning:

The EarQ Audiology Recruiting Program can also turn into a Partnership Program to provide exit strategy planning if you are looking to retire or leave your practice within the next 10 years or so.

By taking on a graduating audiologist as either an extern or an employee, you can develop him or her to suit your needs and those of your practice. Once you find a good fit, there are many strategies to put in place to keep a high valuation (depending on your time horizon).

Benefits of a Partnership Program:

Call your Business Advisor at 866-432-7500 to start utilizing the EarQ Audiology Recruiting Program and reach your future goals!

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