Your Fall/Winter Marketing Portfolio for 2019 into 2020

Convert more patients with the latest seasonal marketing pieces!

A fun new selection of marketing pieces is now available, for both print and digital. Whether your goal is to retain current patients or spark the attention of new patients, there is a marketing piece to accomplish this.

***UPDATED DECEMBER 2019*** Image Bank

Want a different image on your ad or database letter? You can select any of the images from our image bank to fit your needs and/or demographic. Please indicate which number image you would like when placing your order.


Print Ads

Hear What Matters #1 Hear What Matters #2

(Note that the materials can be modified to fit any size; full page, quarter page, etc.)


Lifestyle Technology Event

Database Letters

New Patients Tested Not Sold (Technology) #1 Tested Not Sold (Technology) #2 Tested Not Sold (Lifestyle) Existing Patients - Upgrade Eligible #1 Existing Patients - Upgrade Eligible #2 Existing Patients - Lifestyle Event Invitation Event Invitation w/ Speaker


Click below for an example newsletter, designed to highlight your preferred manufacturer:

To see how the newsletter is put together, click below for an example outside/inside view:

Example Outside (Cover & Back Panel) Example Inside (Articles)

A variety of articles are available. Click here for your guide on how to build your customized newsletter.

Facebook Video Ads

Why use a Facebook video ad?

Note: Facebook Video ad can only have the ending call-to-action screen customized for the practice.

These diversified pieces feature impactful messages, eye-catching imagery, and strong calls to action, designed to emotionally connect with your unique patients and bring them into your office.

Want to swap out an image, language, or offer? We can do that! Each piece can be customized to suit your practice. Your inside sales manager will work with you to ensure the ads are suited to your needs.

It’s time to expand your reach. Order your fall marketing today!

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