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We have mapped out a system that makes it easy to devise a comprehensive marketing system for our members' practices.

Planning and Budgeting

EarQ will work with our members on every aspect of their practice's budget, and marketing is no exception. Using our Quick Practice Analysis, we can determine what percentage of their budget needs to be allocated to marketing.

Your Business Advisor will help initiate a comprehensive marketing plan designed for optimum results.

Our creative team can provide proven marketing samples and will work to customize pieces to our members' needs.

We have the expertise and tools to make planning and creating individual, weekly, monthly, or yearly marketing campaigns easy and effective!


There are different options for implementing marketing campaigns with EarQ. From planning and formulating ideas to developing marketing concepts, we can do it all to fulfill our members' marketing objectives.

Ultimately, our goal is to give members a competitive edge within their local market.


Evaluating and assessing the results of our members' marketing campaigns can be challenging, but, EarQ will analyze the details of the effectiveness of each campaign to assess the number of new patients coming into our members' offices and where they are coming from.

Our Business Advisors will assist in evaluating our members' demographic opportunities, thereby helping them fine tune their campaigns to reach available prospective patients.

To learn more about our marketing programs, please contact your Business Advisor today.

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