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Set your practice apart and capture patient attention online with a comprehensive approach.

More than just a website

Iris is EarQ's comprehensive approach to digital marketing and patient demand. A great digital plan requires expertise and strategies that extend far beyond a mere presence on the web. The good news? The team at EarQ does this all the time! With a strong foundation and innovative patient-driving strategies, Iris gives you everything you need to capture the attention of potential patients online and seamlessly convert them into your next appointments.

EarQ Iris program components

Some features of Iris come standard with your enrollment; however, we will work with you one-on-one to customize your digital package to your practice and your market. Once up and running, your campaigns will be continually monitored and optimized.

The key components are:

The Value of Iris

For many practice owners, the pricing and effectiveness of digital marketing products can be murky. Iris simplifies and organizes your digital portfolio for you. Average market price points could put the value of services comparable to Iris anywhere between $25,000 and $40,000 annually. As an EarQ member, your Iris package can be completely funded through your participation.

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