HearStrong on
GMA Strahan & Sara

The HearStrong Foundation appeared on GMA Strahan & Sara to recognize two amazing sisters, Carly and Emma Waters, who are raising money for kids in need of hearing aids!

Joined by former NFL Quarterback and HearStrong ambassador, Jim Kelly, HearStrong's Founder, Ed Keller, donated $5,000 to the girls, so they can help more kids. Now, HearStrong aims to raise another $10,000, which they will match—for a total of $25,000 in hearing aids!

HearStrong Champion Quarterback Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly

Jim has hearing loss himself and has seen the incredible difference that better hearing makes! He has partnered with HearStrong to spread awareness and help those in need get the care they deserve.

HearStrong Champion Carly Waters

Carly Waters

After her two little sisters, Emma and Molly, were diagnosed with hearing loss, Carly decided to make a difference. She began sewing and selling stuffed lemons to provide hearing aids for kids in need!

HearStrong Champion Emma Waters

Emma Waters

Like her sister, Emma wants to use her talents to give back. She has a love of music and American Sign Language. She signs beautifully and aspires to be a sign language interpreter when she grows up!

Remember, as an EarQ member you can get involved with HearStrong by staying engaged, making a donation, or nominating your patients as Champions. You can also help HearStrong spread the word by sharing this awesome event with your friends and family!

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