Changing the Face of Hearing Loss

HearStrong started in 2013 with the mission to combat negative stigmas and radically change the way the general population views hearing loss and hearing aids.

An initial goal was to find a way for the 20 percent of Americans who treat their hearing loss to empower and inspire the other 80 percent to take action and get the support they need! To accomplish this, the group identifies the most remarkable people with hearing loss and celebrates them as HearStrong Champions.

Support HearStrong in its mission by driving donations, staying engaged, and nominating your patients as Champions! Through these actions you can:

HearStrong Champions are inspirations, leaders, and innovators in their communities. They prove that nothing is impossible with courage and determination, and most importantly, inspire the 38 million Americans with untreated hearing loss to take action and seek treatment!

HearStrong Ambassadors are important to the HearStrong mission as they spread awareness about hearing loss, honor HearStrong Champions, and interact with the public at events on behalf of the initiative.

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