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Consumers look to icons like pro athletes when making many decisions. They show us what to wear, what to eat and drink, and what gadgets to buy. You are probably familiar with your favorite athletes endorsing sneaker brands, pizza, and even insurance companies! With this kind of influence behind hearing care, more consumers could look to address their hearing loss sooner.

EarQ members have been educating and caring for former pro athletes for over five years. Many have highlighted hearing care resources at highprofile events like the Super Bowl and the NBA All-Star Game. By aligning with these prestigious groups and working directly with well-known individuals, we can bring hearing care awareness and education to a wider audience than ever before.

It also means you could potentially provide hearing healthcare services to former professional athletes if they live in your area.

EarQ has formed strategic partnerships with professional sports organizations including:

What This Means to You:

As the program continues to expand, EarQ members are primed to be fundamental components behind changing the way people view hearing healthcare. There is also the possibility of accessing professional player and family patient contacts.

An important piece of the program is the data that is being collected and analyzed by leading audiologists. With this, they can study the correlation between professional playing and hearing loss, and determine what preventive measures can be taken.

Aligning your practice with some of the most influential brands in the world helps you to stand apart in your community, boost your practice's credibility, and attract new patients. Most importantly, educating former professional players on hearing health gives them a platform to spread awareness to the general population and fans in your area.

As the preferred provider of hearing solutions and education for these associations, EarQ members gain exclusive access to:

  • Prestigious professional player relationships
  • National and regional player events
  • Professional player and family patient contacts
  • Co-branded marketing opportunities
  • National awareness campaigns

Hear Like a Pro Marketing Pieces

Make the most of your exclusive connection to EarQ and our sports organization partnerships by utilizing the below marketing pieces to differentiate your practice!

Order your Hear Like a Pro marketing today!

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