EarQ's team of leading industry experts provides hands-on business development and marketing support to help make our members' offices the premier hearing healthcare practices in their communities.

From developing strategic marketing campaigns to redesigning a website, our Business Advisors are with our members every step of the way:

"I have had the great pleasure to work with Joe Hogan, Senior Marketing Manager at EarQ, since 2015. Joe is an energetic professional with a keen ability to look at a practice and develop a plan to help grow and improve it. I am the director or a large non-profit practice that employs 12 audiologists. EarQ has helped our practice grow and improve in many ways since we partnered with them. They have been a great resource for us in our overall marketing efforts. Over the years, EarQ has given us excellent marketing ideas and has helped set a rhythm to our marketing efforts in a manner that consistently yields a high ROI. Together, we developed and rolled out a strong physician referral program and a system to capture missed opportunities which has helped our practice grow. We have also enjoyed great success with EarQ's call center which has helped us fill our marketing events. In this rapidly changing climate, EarQ has ensured that our organization remains strong and relevant. I would highly recommend using EarQ as a resource to help grow your practice. Working with Joe is a great choice to help ensure that growth is a reality in your practice."


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