What Your Web Developer Hasn't Told You (But Should)

by Staff @ EarQ Group, Inc.


As early as last week, Google started to send warnings for websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. The purpose is to help webmasters understand what issues are triggering the warning as well as how to fix them. In general, Google wants users of its search engine to have a great experience on their smartphones, so by helping webmasters, users benefit as well. These notifications come as a precursor to what’s believed to be a major mobile search algorithm update that could have a huge effect on your website traffic.

What’s a search engine algorithm?

Each year, Google releases hundreds of different algorithm updates to its search engine in order to improve its ability to rank valuable and useful websites for searchers. These updates range from penalizing websites that take content from others instead of writing original content all the way to trying to help make websites more secure.

The timeline of events

Here’s a timeline of the events leading up to the mobile usability warning notifications and what we believe are good indications that Google is preparing to launch a significant mobile algorithm update.

What does the warning look like?

So what does this all mean for me?

At the end of the warning’s first paragraph, the message states that the website’s Google mobile rankings will be affected by a poor mobile experience. What does this mean? Your website’s mobile rankings may be at risk of becoming worse, and you can lose out on valuable search traffic from potential patients. To check how mobile-friendly your website is, enter your website URL into Google’s mobile-friendly test tool. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, contact us at 866-432-7500 to request a detailed website evaluation and attend a webinar about IRIS, EarQ’s digital strategy program that can make your practice’s website the most effective for your patients and the search engines.

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