Why Your Practice Needs a Multichannel Marketing Plan

by Carly Allen @ EarQ


In today’s marketplace, power truly lies with the consumer. The rise of information channels in recent years, namely social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, has given consumers more control than ever over their buying decisions. When your patients have so much information accessible to them, what can you do to make yourself seen? How can you ensure your messaging doesn’t just fall through the cracks?

Like anyone, your patients need options. No two people are going to seek information the same way which is why you need to diversify your messaging with multichannel marketing! This approach enables you to connect with patients across several different mediums--including websites, direct mail, search engine marketing, print advertising, and social media—in order to reach those at different stages of the hearing device buying cycle and reinforce your brand.

This strategy offers choice, builds trust, and emphasizes your authority in the industry. By regularly putting out engaging quality content, your brand will resonate with potential patients. Now they will think of your business when they decide to pursue their hearing healthcare!
Multichannel marketing can connect practices with patients most successfully when they use an effective mix of short-term, middle-term, and long-term campaigns.

Short-term marketing refers to ads that reach the consumer for a limited-time such as Facebook ads, newspaper ads, or direct mailers. These ads may be brief, but they can be run multiple times. This means your brand is repeatedly introduced to your community. Another benefit of short-term marketing is it can include discounts and special offers to attract patients who are further along in the buying cycle and ready to take the plunge!

Middle-term marketing gives you more time to communicate with existing and future patients about the benefits of your practice and hearing better through mediums like patient database letters or search engine marketing. This allows you to connect with more targeted audiences in your community, including your current patient base. As nearly 50% of patients currently choose to buy their second pair of devices from a new provider, patient retention should be a major focus for your office!

Long-term marketing is all about establishing, communicating, and maintaining your unique brand. Like your office, your practice website, Facebook page, newsletters, and referral programs speak volumes to patients about the quality of service you offer. We know most consumers seek information online, so it’s important your website and social media pages leave them with a great first impression!

These three types of diverse marketing campaigns are essential in creating a business that makes a good impression, reaches a targeted audience, and really resonates with consumers. Multichannel marketing is the key to establishing the authority of your practice in a market where consumers have countless options!

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