6 Tips to Boost Website Traffic & Attract New Patients

by Christopher Getman @ EarQ Group, Inc.


You've done it. You've had a website built. You took the time to write informative, personal content from your perspective as a hearing healthcare professional. You've taken pictures, gathered assets, and delivered them. You've worked with an expert to have a modern website constructed. The site is live and out there for the world to see.

So... now what?

Far too often after a website is launched, it just... sits there. Yes, it can drive patients to your practice, but it can do that much more effectively if the website is properly utilized. Think of your website like you would any unique tool. Let's say you have a hammer, but the hammer just rests on the counter. It won't be pounding in any nails that way. To utilize the tool to its full potential, you need to pick it up and interact with it.

So how do you do this with a website? To make it easy for you, we've assembled a list of tips to help get you started. Even utilizing just a few of these strategies can help the website's presence work better for your practice.


1. Announce and reinforce the website

This one is simple. People aren't going to know you have a website if you don't get the word out there. A good first step is to update any existing business materials to include the new site. Wherever you showcase practice contact information, make sure the web address listed. This could be on any or all of the following:

(This update also should include new e-mail addresses if you make any; this is discussed in greater detail later.)

This tip applies to outgoing materials, but it’s also important to reinforce the website address within the practice itself. This can be very good for patient retention and brand awareness. For example, patients leaving your office may visit your website and learn more about your services beyond what they experienced that day. Maybe they didn't make a decision that day, but after reading your website, they’ll confidently return and complete the process. Or, they could share the link with others. It can't hurt and requires minimal effort on your part.

Next, spread the word! Tell the world that your new website is up, you're proud of it, and you're eager for them to check it out. This can be accomplished through any of the following:

Remember, not all of your followers will see your posts each time, so this is the sort of message that you're going to want to get out a few times.

Another suggestion: start an email list. Asking people to join an email list is a common request today and one that you should feel comfortable asking. Regularly reaching out to your list with news, event info, and services can be a good way to not only to remind people of your practice, but also to showcase your personality and brand.


2. Get others to link to your website

This is a big one. Links to your site from other websites show the search engines that your site is worth noticing, reputable, and valuable. Links also help your website gain referral traffic from other sites, and that can include potential patients.

Here's the key though: the links must be relevant, authoritative, and trustworthy. Say there's a link to your site from a nearby university's health department website that lists you as a great local resource for hearing healthcare. That's a fantastic link. But say there's a site across the country with content irrelevant to hearing healthcare, and they link to your site in the middle of a bunch of links to other random websites. With enough bad links out there, the search engines will frown on this and your website’s rankings could suffer for it.

Places to start building relationships and get links could include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

WARNING: Do not pay for links! While accruing quality links is important, please ensure that they happen naturally, not through paid services. Buying links is a big no-no, as it’s a violation of Google guidelines, and they enforce this rule regularly. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to links.


3. Use the site launch as an event

Why not hold an open house for your practice and celebrate the new website? Perhaps you could offer a limited-time discount on a product or service in honor of the occasion. Tell your existing patients as well as the community at large. Not only will this help your practice's brand awareness, but it will likely get them to visit the website itself.


4. Set reminders to revisit and update the website

It's a good idea to go to your own website at least once a month. Give it a read. See if anything has changed. Do you have up-to-date pictures? Has the staff changed? Have you attended an event recently that you'd like to talk about? (Make sure you take pictures!) Have you written any articles? Have you added any new services to your list? Are there are any new products that you'd like to showcase?

Not only will keeping your site up to date ensure a professional display for your practice, but regular updates also show the search engines that the site is being kept fresh and active. This can help your ranking.


5. Reviews, ratings, and testimonials

If you have happy patients, ask them to share their experiences! That could include writing a testimonial that you can put on your site, but even better, they could write a review on Google or Yelp. Real, honest reviews are a great way to establish trust and confidence and are often one of the first things a potential patient will look for online. Think about the last time you bought a product from Amazon. Did you read the product description, or did you scroll down to the customer reviews and star ratings? Take advantage of this for your business.

You shouldn’t require patients to write a review, but if you do notice that a patient has left a review online, whether positive or negative, respond to it.


6. Create email addresses through your dot com

Ask yourself this: when you're considering working with someone, and you receive their email address, does it affect your opinion of them? Look at these two example email addresses to see the difference:

An email address that's personalized to your practice can make it look more professional, cleaner, and easier to remember. Those are all pros for your patients. It's true that it may require a change if you've been used to checking your email somewhere else for a long time, but it's worth it. There are also potential ways to fuse a new email with your existing one to make it even simpler.


Promoting your website could be the key to bringing in more patients, and the steps above shouldn't require too much of your time. Don't let your site just sit there. Make it work for you.

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