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Ed Keller

Ed Keller: President

From local entrepreneur to global brand leader, Ed Keller has developed one of the largest and most successful hearing healthcare provider networks in the country.

After owning and operating a highly successful hearing healthcare practice for over a decade, Keller created EarQ to offer cutting-edge business consulting strategies and a suite of marketing support services to its members in order to help ensure the overall success of private practices in communities from coast to coast.

Andrew Hebert

Andrew Hebert: Senior Vice President

Andrew was named EarQ’s Senior Vice President in December 2015 after further establishing his commitment to the company and the industry as a whole.

Andrew first joined the EarQ team in 2007 as a Business Advisor. After demonstrating a passion for helping private practices succeed as well as a dedication to supporting EarQ and its ambitions to educate and impact the general public about hearing loss and its solutions, Andrew quickly advanced to become the company's Sales Director and, shortly thereafter, its Managing Director.

Brenna Richardson

Brenna Richardson: Logistics Director

Following her years of dedication to EarQ and to the success of independent practices, Brenna became the company's Logistics Director in March 2016.

Brenna graduated from State University of NY at Albany with a degree in Communications. She began her work with EarQ as a business advisor in November 2011, and was promoted to Key Programs Manager in July 2015. With each role she has had within the company, Brenna has worked closely with members to understand their individual goals and learn more about why they do what they do every day.

"I believe in the independent channel as the best solution for patients,” says Brenna, “I know that as a collective influence, we will be able to educate and encourage more people to do something about their hearing loss."

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