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Founded in 2001, EarQ, a nationwide network of hearing healthcare providers, offers cutting-edge business consulting strategies and a full suite of marketing support services to members of its provider network in order to help insure success of their practices in communities from coast to coast.

EarQ Currently Boasts Over 1,400 Locations Nationwide

EarQ is constantly developing innovative opportunities for further growth by partnering with notable organizations outside of the industry, such as the NFL Players Association, the National Basketball Retired Players Association and more, with the ultimate goal of empowering the more than 30 million Americans with untreated hearing loss to take control of their hearing health and sparking a global awareness movement.

EarQ also boasts the premier up-and-coming brand of hearing devices in the industry. Supported by the most R&D under one label and the EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty, the longest in the industry, EarQ hearing devices pack leading technology into a sleek, discreet package.

In January of 2013, EarQ founded a non-profit organization, the HearStrong Foundation, to recognize the accomplishments of those who have overcome hearing loss and inspire others to do the same. In its short history, the foundation has garnered high-profile support for its mission.

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